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When conflict is not handled properly it can break down your company from the inside out. Conflict doesn’t have to be a bad word. In fact, healthy conflict is just that…healthy. Leaders who learn how to capitalize on conflict to move the organization forward in the name of progress are the most influential leaders. Here we allow you to take the gloves off and dig deep into your emotional experiences for a true understanding of why you react the way you do.

How to bring Conflict Management into Leadership

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Step 1:

Identify the sources of conflict and our natural tendencies taken in difficult situations by using instruments that outline areas of overuse or underuse.

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Step 2:

Work through self –actualization and acceptance in order to bring in a professional mindset to manage conflict more effectively.

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Step 3:

Practice your learnings in role play situations allowing you to try out your new skills first hand.

Why choose this Leadership Module?

When you improve your ability to problem solve and apply critical thinking, you set up yourself and everyone else around you for success.

Is this course right for you? People who choose this module typically feel they need to overcome the following issues

  • Lack of team work, collaboration and employee engagement
  • Poor communication resulting in fractured work relationships
  • Lack of authenticity and feedback


This module has a far range of benefits that you and those you are in contact will experience from the get go. We narrowed it down to some of our favorites.


Learn to leverage the painful moments of our lives in order to provide an opportunity for discovery, understanding, and organizational growth. Your module in conflict management focuses on individual or team dynamics. Participants need to be willing to discuss past challenges. More can be gained from this area when our team customizes your training to your specific industry or organization.

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