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If your leaders are ill equipped to make good leadership decisions, you’ll never get where you want to go. On the other hand, when you have the tools to make fast effective choices you can go anywhere. Nurturing this leadership skill across your organization will have endless benefits. Here you gain the five factors critical to promoting understanding of how to develop an environment where diversity of thought and open dialogue are leveraged to create high quality, executable decisions.

How to Excel at Decision Making in 3 Simple Steps



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Step 1:

Learn to identify and apply five critical decision styles to specific case studies.

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Step 2:

Gain a framework to determine the appropriateness of including others when making decisions.

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Step 3:

Increase your ability to utilize all five styles when necessary, appropriate and on target.

Why choose this Leadership Module?

When you improve quality of decision making and increase the odds that the decisions made will actually be implemented move into your favor.

Is this course right for you? People who choose this module typically feel they need to overcome the following issues

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Decision Style Profile (DSP)


You cannot dispel the fact that great leaders are made by the decisions they wield. This module provides a solid step forward to make:


With the five factors as an excellent foundation, leaders are able to make real steps forward to make their vision a reality. Rich discussions to gain insight on how to optimize employee input in decision making put everyone on the same page. Within this program case studies are used to ensure the practical application of concepts learned.

Don’t take another step forward in your year without putting this module in place.

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