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If you can’t COMMUNICATE,
you can’t LEAD.


Missteps are born from miscommunications. Your team will never help meet the organization’s mission if they are unclear about your vision of how to get there. Enhance performance from the get go with this leadership learning opportunity to enhance your personal communication style. Challenges fall away when the right leadership tools are within your reach.

How to Make Effective Communication part of your Leadership Landscape

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Identity effective communication techniques needed in any workplace culture.

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Step 2:

Each participant’s individualized style is identified using a selected assessment to uncover both strengths and challenges relative to your organization.

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Step 3:

Experience the enhancement of your unique style through technique application.

Why choose this Leadership Module?

We use a customized approach for each organizational culture to identify your most pertinent communication challenges. By selecting a targeted assessment, we uncover individualized communication styles that promote or detract from effective communication. Within your own unique style in hand, each participant is empowered with practice techniques most applicable to them and your overall organizational needs.

Is this course right for you? People who choose this module typically feel they need to overcome the following issues

  • Poor Communication
  • Dysfunctional Communication
  • Lack of Communication
  • Decreased Effectiveness


Communicating with style can’t happen without effective communication. This leadership module provides you with:


What you discover while running through this process is that an assessment only works if it is chosen specifically for your leadership issues in mind. At Leadership Foundry our experts customize techniques based on each individual assessment – rather than a “one-size fits all” approach. Each participant identifies their own style enhancement and practices techniques needed by them for immediate application within their organizations.

Nowhere else will you find a complete hands-on approach that changes the way communication happens. Communication is a constant. Whether it is effective or ineffective it is up to you. The more individuals that have this training the better.

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