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Generations at Work


With arguably now 5 different generations in the workplace, with a growing shift in the cohorts for each generation getting younger, ignoring or sidestepping addressing how to lead across all generations is not an option.

This module is an instructor-led workshop that explores the perspectives of employees at different ages and different stages of their careers. From “rigid” Traditionalists to “self-righteous” Millennials, we aim to break down commonplace generational stereotypes and promote the generational truths; ensuring that every generation is seen as a valuable piece of any team.

Our conversations provide proven techniques to combat generational stereotypes, while promoting generationally conscious communication and interpersonal skills to create an inclusive workplace. We address both awareness and appreciation for the varied “events and conditions” each generation experienced to help combat generational stereotypes, we then promote generationally conscious communication and interpersonal skills to create a balanced, productive, and less stressed-out workplace.

How to Leverage Generations for Leaders in 3 Simple Steps

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Step 1:

We begin by shifting the focus from individuals being the problem to focusing on the 7 primary places in the workplace varied Generations don’t agree on how work should work.

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Step 2:

We then identify the major sources of conflict among the generations and encourage group participation and discussion on these areas and possible solutions to bridge the generations.

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Step 3:

The interactive sessions provides practical insights for building inclusive cultures and realizing the benefits of diversity from each generation.

Why choose this Leadership Module?

Most Generational Diversity conversations fall short by only talking about Generational differences. LF workshops deliver the hard-hitting applicable tools and proven tactics to problem solve through the differences providing a better appreciation for the strengths of everyone on the team and reaching applications for how to better lead across all generations.

Is this course right for you? Participants of this module may find themselves struggling with one or more of the following:

  • Turnover rate of young talent.
  • Gap between how young employees learn and the way leaders teach.
  • Gap between each Generation’s expectations and the realities of the business world.
  • Gap between the instant world of technology and the grinding world of adult responsibility.




Competitive advantage occurs when the strengths of different generations converge and by creating high-potential employees from all generational groups. We help develop higher levels of trust, collaboration, and unique insights from all as well as support the critical transfer of knowledge by developing mentors among those who’ve built the business.

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