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As we strive to move a company forward to meet its mission, there is no stronger tool to wield in leadership than gaining a powerful peripheral vantage point when looking out across our organization. We are stronger together. We are stronger when we understand where we stand within our business, within our peer groups and within our teams. By focusing on developing our skills needed to provide meaningful and relevant feedback to across all levels, we become stronger as a whole.

How to Optimize Feedback for Leaders in 3 Simple Steps

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Step 1:

Allow participants to draw from many levels of emotional intelligence.

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Step 2:

Practice makes perfect in real life scenarios run through leadership best practices with instructors and colleagues to enhance leader’s personal skill set.

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Gain insights around results in well planned and productive coaching interactions that are adapted to fit specific challenges within the organization.

Why choose this Leadership Module?

Every individual deserves and desires to know where they stand. Avoiding or giving non-effective feedback allows bad behavior to persist and may allow good behavior to be ignored. Within in all leadership positions there are pain points that indicate where something within our organization is not quite working right or even a down right disaster, but it will be unknown unless proper feedback is employed.

Is this course right for you? Participants of this module may find themselves struggling with one or more of the following:


Communication is at the core of all great leaders. Taking and orchestrating feedback cannot occur without this critical understanding. In this module leaders develop deeper skills around:


When your team works through our The Art of Feedback module, the organization will see a dynamic change within the interactions of individuals and teams. By running scenarios that are specific to your unique challenges staring you in the face daily, they can quickly not only overcome hardened barriers but also implement their new found feedback skills.

Within individualized reports in hand, leaders are empowered to build upon a foundation of self-awareness brought forth by the activities designed to drive healthy interactions. This is where we benefit from everyone’s voice being heard and valued to move the organization forward in strong strides. 

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