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The only thing constant is change. Funding, mission flux and the increased feeling of security or stability loss affects the mind set of all team members. Rather than focusing on the difficulties of leading change, leaders must appreciate how the unique style of each of the their teammates not only fits specific situations better than others, but also how the different styles when included can actually cover each other’s blind spots and contribute to making the change positive, rather than being seen as purely adversarial.

How to Optimize Feedback for Leaders in 3 Simple Steps

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Step 1:

Gain insight of your own neurological preferences on how to handle change.

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Step 2:

Enhance your ability to lead others through change with an empathetic approach to understanding people’s strengths and blind spots.

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Step 3:

Develop skills to appropriately utilize different approaches to managing change in the work place.

Why choose this Leadership Module?

Every organization is going through some kind of change and that change is impacting your people. This module will help you understand how each of your employees sees, understands, processes, and accepts or rejects change and allow leaders to devise the best way to introduce, explain and ultimately lever change for positive results.

Is this course right for you? Participants of this module may find themselves struggling with one or more of the following:

  • Buying into and adapting to recent organizational changes
  • Disgruntled team members that are pushing back on changes
  • Inability to communicate and inspire others to embrace change


In this module leaders develop:



Ultimately, accepting change as a constant is critical to organizational success. Understanding that each of us is wired differently will help leaders harness the power of the team to tackle change initiatives.

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