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Harness Leader’s Talents to Lead Others

Leadership Challenge Program
Level II (LCP-II)


Course Overview

LCP II focuses on how to incorporate individual talents to create a cohesive work force by teaching practical strategies for leading others.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding how their motivations, needs and interests impact others; all in the context of leading teams. The goal is to increase their self-awareness, to gain a better understanding of how they naturally lead their team and how to overcome challenges faced with leading diverse people in their organization.

The LCP-II program highlights competencies essential for successful strategic leadership.


  • Reinforce and heighten an awareness of leadership strengths, weaknesses, preferences, styles and behaviors
  • Embrace “diversity of thought”
  • Gain deeper insight into how leading others can impact an individual, the team they lead and organizational performance
  • Gain an understanding of the dynamics of conflict when leading a team by learning to identify its nature, sources and techniques to influence the outcome
  • Explore how collaboration and effective peer relationships strengthen coherent strategies and organizational success with a shared and executable vision
  • Address and explore boundary issues when leading a team that are blended/merged
  • Appreciate the concept of lifelong learning by creating a list of attainable goals and practical strategies to reach when leading a team of others

Self-Assessments Tools:

Participants’ complete five credentialed assessments prior to class that are introduced during key segments of the course to provide personal insight on how each individual is unique and how we apply our uniqueness to multiple team leadership applications: