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Are you building people who PRODUCE RESULTS?

People power organizations. As a leader, if one cannot engage the masses the engine of the business will not run. Every step and misstep has a profound ripple effect on the organization. A true leader knows that no man is an island. Collaboration and the introduction of diverse ideologies present the best chance for cohesive goal attainment and overcoming obstacles.

Human performance is directly tied to the business’ performance. Fine-tuning leadership’s ability to reach up, down and across the aisle for the sake of the overall good is critical to eliciting that performance. Critical thinking, strong influencing skills and boundary spanning practices

A customer had us implement a series of seminars to address leadership development within their workforce at both the supervisor entry level and the organizational leader level. These programs were designed to address previously unmet leadership development needs. As a result of the overwhelming positive initial and follow-up feedback to the original programs, the customer requested development of a higher-level course to supplement the Leadership Training Opportunity prior to assuming a senior-level position. And unlike the previous programs, attendance at the new offering would be contingent upon completion of either of the first two offerings.

The concept we developed was to fine-tune leadership’s ability to reach up, down and across the aisle for the sake of the overall good and that critical thinking, strong influencing skills and boundary spanning practices enhance the process and foster emotional expansion.

We included core emotional intelligence, engaging and influencing skills, exploring and understanding visible changes in leadership behaviors by analyzing results from a 360-degree survey. We then inculcated characteristics of what it takes to successfully deliver and receive feedback, and understand and further develop coaching and mentoring skills by a practical application of “how to” elements. And finally to develop a senior leader that supports their role as a prudent risk taker, accountable for their actions, innovator, enabler and proactive advocate for people.

After piloting one program, the customer received such high, positive feedback that this filled a huge gap in the skill set for what senior leaders really needed, multiple offerings we ordered and delivered consecutively to the present.


Leadership development of the high-potential team members is a responsibility to be taken seriously. In order to reap the rewards one must face the risks; preparation on all levels is essential. Don’t allow others’ complexity to breed chaos within your culture.