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About Us

Our leadership is critical to reaching any targets we set before us. If leadership does not evolve to meet our changing market and cultural needs, our organization will fall short. For over a decade, Leadership Foundry has built a community of more than 40,000 current and aspiring leaders within its program ranks. We are making real progress with real results.

Similar to a foundry, our solutions are designed to incorporate multiple facets of leadership. Much like metals converging together in a forge, we understand that becoming an authentic leader requires individuals to not only understand their unique personalities, but to also harness their diverse capabilities to produce a stronger, more effective leadership style. A win-win for the organization and the individual.

Our Approach

Throughout history, many who ascended to positions of leadership did so without formal development; they gained power through privilege or force. While there was no common thread, success of a leader depended solely on their character, the challenge and/or the situation where success was usually determined through “trial by fire.” Unfortunately, in the many instances of failure, the carnage left along the way negatively impacted the people as well as the mission or the business.

What it meant to be a leader evolved as did society, yet leadership training failed to keep pace. The idea of leaders nurturing skills began to take shape, but under a one-size-fits-all mindset. There was little consideration of the specific industry, unique work culture and, least of all, the individual when seeking to advance leadership.


Top 5 Issues of Failed Leadership Development

Top 5 Issues of Failed Leadership Development:

  1. Off-the-shelf programs that are not highly relevant to their company, field, role or unique situation
  2. Nothing tangible for participants to walk away with or be able to apply immediately
  3. Training with little regard for time or financial constraints
  4. Lack of executive support to apply learning
  5. Focus on company issues or simply process improvement, not individual behaviors (unbalanced approach)

The mission of Leadership Foundry is to provide training that avoids these common mistakes and provides a thoughtful, relevant perspective on development. Over the past decade, our clients have met their organizational missions head-on using a concerted “building block” approach to enhance individual people, not simply impose a generic training exercise.

“Like all complex things there is a simplicity often overlooked, and the most effective breakdown to the simplest form (or root) stems from the individual,” stated Richard Hassan, Managing Director of Leadership Foundry. “If you don’t focus on the individual you don’t attack the problem head on. This is the missing part of the equation to forming resilient leaders.”

Leadership is developed from the individual core then expanded out to peers, teams, departments and finally the organization as a whole. The flow between the leader and the organization moves to instill true alignment and practical outcomes to encourage real world application.

The Fix

Leadership Foundry employs a variety of tools administered to speak directly to the company’s mission at hand. Every individual relates and learns differently; one cannot guess or assume how the connection can be made to provide maximum impact. Our differentiator!

Our Differentiator: We do not merely plug and play random instruments to check boxes such as diversity or communication. Our facilitators utilize a spectrum of resources to create an integrated, personalized approach to leadership development that is specifically built to instill self-awareness leading to true transformation. Ultimately, we encourage authenticity by providing leaders with an understanding of how to leverage their unique personalities and how they best fit into the organizational mission.

Your team will not be saddled with a cookie-cutter program. We are not a manufacturing facility—we are a foundry. Thus, we first explore and understand your unique organizational culture. Secondly, we gain insight into the pressing issues and short-term strategies that make your team unique. Finally there is an analysis of the current leadership behaviors that are creating barriers to optimal performance.

Leadership Foundry incorporates these factors to develop a comprehensive, yet targeted development solution that:

  1. Enhances individual self-awareness
  2. Enable leaders to more effectively address current challenges to achieve operational goals
  3. Ensure leaders are aligned and engaged with the organization’s unique culture

With this intelligence and the active ingredients innate in your personalized leadership program, your confidence in achieving organizational objectives will be at its apex.