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Team Leadership Development

If leading a team was easy, then everyone would be in line to take point. Admittedly, it takes a unique set of skills to be successful. Some of them are innate and others just need to be developed through personal leadership development. Imagine the level of accomplishment that can be attained by a leader who is in tune with themselves and their team. Talk about motivation. This is why focusing on team leadership development cannot be overlooked.

As you consider the breadth of talent and the unique backgrounds of those in leadership roles and their teams, it is only natural to pause and wonder where to begin. Thankfully, Leadership Foundry has spent the last couple of decades sharpening our programs for the task at hand.


We work to quickly get to the heart of the issue, whatever your concern, retention or communication or overall engagement. We use a large array of trusted personal leadership development instruments employing them in a holistic approach that unleashes the potential of the individual within. This directly impacts their actions throughout the team engagements to bring cohesion and communication benefits. Then we employ team leadership development techniques to promote real, long-lasting impact within an organization.

A high-performance team is greatly enhanced when they know the ins and outs of those who make it up. That is why team leader training, for example, is so critical. Increased interaction on an emotional and intellectual level is not only possible, it is a business’ optimal path to success and innovation.

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Success Story: Team Leadership Development

Confronted with a new job and new level of responsibility, a past customer approached us with a need to bring together a diverse team of individuals, with varying degrees of motivation, little engagement among the team or with their customers, and a sketchy performance record.


OUR APPROACH to team leadership development

One of the key attributes of an effective leader is their ability to understand the unique needs and wants of their employees, then adjust their style to fully engage these individuals to perform at their best. We found that with a foundation of self-awareness, team leaders are better equipped to identify and appreciate the diverse personality preferences and work styles of their employees. This is an important leadership skill to hone in today’s competitive landscape.

Additionally, effective team leaders, who not only assess the individual employee’s needs but also assess the dynamics of these individuals when they come together as a team, prove themselves fully equipped to move an organization directly towards its mission. At our foundry, we know that this approach is what great companies employ to achieve greatness. We believe anything can be accomplished when teams are optimized.


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  • Belbin Team Profile
  • California Psychological Inventory 260 Client/Coaching Reports
  • Campbell Leadership Index (CLI) 360
  • Change Style Indicator (CSI)
  • Coaching Behavior Inventory (CBI)
  • Conflict Dynamic Profile (CDP)
  • Decision Style Profile (DSP)
  • DiSC Personality Assessment
  • Emotional Quotient 2.0 Workplace (EQi-2.0)
  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation -Behavior (FIRO-B)
  • Hardiness Resiliency Gauge (HRG)
  • Influence Style Indicator (ISI)
  • Myers-Briggs Types Indicator (MBTI)
  • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Model (TKI)
  • Work Engagement Profile (WEP)
  • Workplace Big 5 Profile
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Team Leadership Tools

  • Simulations
  • Experiential Exercises
  • Individual Development Plan
  • One-on-one coaching