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Leadership Tools 

Leaders who are the best at building great companies wield powerful leadership tools.
We’d like to share these with you:

Leadership Self Awareness Tool
Developing self-awareness is important for better relationships both in the workplace and at home. The purpose of the “Am I Self-Aware?” tool is for an individual to learn more about his/her current state of self-awareness through a serious of reflective questions. Based on their rating and total score, he/she can determine where best to focus their efforts in building long lasting relationships.

Goals and Influence Tool
Influencing others is an essential skill for leaders at all levels. This tool guides you through 3 steps that will enable you to slowly change behavior and ultimately inspire others. You will create a goal and deadlines that are measurable so that you can begin achieving your desired results.

IDP Tool
An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a tool that can assist an individual in his/her career development. It is a partnership between the individual and their supervisor to create a form of continuous feedback to grow and develop professionally.

Come back from time to time to see what others we’ve added!