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Collaborating to Build Strong Teams


Can you imagine the on-going value if you knew how to reach an understanding of how influencing styles can impact organizational decision making? This starts with showing teams that just discussing the “us versus them” issues, helps us to frame up strengths, breakdown barriers, and build a brighter way ahead. When we work together, we all have a winning season.

How to Achieve Problem Solving and Critical Thinking in 3 Simple Steps

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Step 1:

In-depth online survey that shows if you advocate, build coalitions, inspire or negotiate your way as a leader.

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Step 2:

Through group discussions, participants identify current barriers and identify common ground that can be leveraged to forge new frontiers for business success.

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Step 3:

Facilitators present pertinent real life scenarios that are important to the organization.

Why choose this Leadership Module?

It allows people to understand their internal organizational barriers and themselves much better, helping them to flex their styles and enhance their leadership effectiveness. All leaders lean to people on their teams who influence their decisions.

Is this course right for you? People who choose this module typically feel they need to overcome the following issues:

  • Large changes being implemented – cuts, growth, leadership changes or new direction needs “inspirational” leadership – and most aren’t wired to do that.
  • How do you build coalitions in blended organizations or matrixed orgs?
  • We just were bought out and are being absorbed into a larger group, but we’ve got the higher selling product. They need to understand us, and we need to fit into the new bigger team.





Our self-reflective approach allows participants to better understand their preferred influencing style and which styles are underutilized. Through this discussion, participants enhance their ability to collaborate, adjust their influencing styles as appropriate and become a more adaptive leader. Without this ground-breaking module you won’t be able to move ahead with the prowess you need.

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