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Leadership is about more than just having intelligence. The ability to identify and manage your own emotions while incorporating the emotions of others is where the real magic happens. Cultivating this area within leaders is a game changer where professionalism and impact take on a whole new presence.

How to Make Effective Communication part of your Leadership Landscape

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Step 1:

Using empirical data & research we identify a practical model and competencies associated with Emotional Intelligence.

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Step 2:

Each participant’s results predict both strengths and potential de-railers present in personalized leadership behaviors.

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Step 3:

Experience the enhancement of your unique style through real time application.

Why choose this Leadership Module?

Think about the possibilities if you were to experience the practical and valid identification and measurement of 16 different Emotional Intelligence competencies and not only see where you fit, but how you may need to address both strengths and weaknesses.

Is this course right for you? People who choose this module typically feel they need to overcome the following issues;

  • Low Emotional Intelligence
  • Team Dysfunction
  • Lack of Empathy
  • Lack of Resilience
  • Ineffective Communication


This Emotional Intelligence module provides real impact on your personal leadership effectiveness. What you can expect to get out of this specific program includes:

Leverage Your Emotional Intelligence

We use a combination of research-based studies, historical models and have worked personally with industry thought leaders to practically and simply measure and provide practical steps to enhance EI at all levels of leadership. At the heart of this module is the EQI 2.0 Assessment, which is one of the few instruments accurately measuring Emotional Intelligence in the workplace today. The EQI 2.0 provides an in-depth yet practical assessment along with facilitated exercises to help each participant identify personal and professional action steps towards more effective leadership at any level.

Without these insights, your leadership will never take the front seat in the organization and your vision will be aimless. Don’t wait.

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