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Team Dynamics – How Are We All Connected?


Your team is reaped with politics and dysfunction. Wouldn’t it be helpful to know the root causes? The causes of dysfunction are both identifiable and curable as they don’t die easily and need to be addressed and recognized. Making a team functional and cohesive requires levels of discipline, energy, and the strength to identify stress points and growth areas – even when it’s in another department than yours. What’s the goal of your company and team – is everyone “on board” or protecting their kingdom?

How to Begin Building High Performance Teams

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Step 1:

Perform collaborative work to identify key challenges that may be contributing to the team dynamics.

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Step 2:

With this insight, interactive team building activities and self-assessments are created.

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Step 3:

Facilitators engage you in simulations designed to elicit team discussion and generate buy-in for adopting new, more productive behaviors.

Why choose this Leadership Module?

If you seek to increase team communication and engagement by identifying and overcoming specific barriers to high performance teams, you are in the right place.

Is this course right for you? People who choose this module typically feel they need to overcome the following issues:

  • Poor conflict resolution
  • Low productivity
  • High employee churn
  • Complacency of managers


It says it all in the name. High performance teams don’t just happen. Now the benefits from them do.



Within this high performance team module, we promote understanding the correlation of team dynamics and productivity in complex business activities; such as, team dynamics, conflict resolution and planning. We incorporate self-assessment tools that accelerate the team members understanding and appreciation of each other’s strengths, the value in leveraging the unique traits of team members. Additionally, we provide team leaders with scientific group profile data that gives them insight into any patterns of behavior across the team.

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