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Do  you lead with SELF AWARENESS?

Effective leaders have realistic assessments of their own abilities. Studies show that a high self-awareness score is the strongest predictor of overall success. However, looking in the mirror is never easy, but this is where mountains are scaled.

Leaders need to uncover where they stand now and how this current frame of reference affects their role in leadership. There is no greater loss than not living up to potential. Understanding self is an essential building block for any future success.


Imagine what being a leader would be like with an instruction manual. What wouldn’t leaders be able to accomplish without a road map to the inner workings of their own brain and emotions?

Everyone has pre-determined attributes that run alongside an entire spectrum of an inner being that changes and adapts through growth and development. How one faces difficult decisions, reacts to new ideas and is influenced by experience and environment is filled with opportunity. Leadership Foundry gets leaders on the path to self discovery.