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March 22nd

Leadership Self-Awareness is the Hardest Soft Skill

leadership self-awarenessTop leaders know that the most successful of them sees true achievement in not just working harder but smarter. Nowhere is this truer than in looking into cultivating the skills that bring leadership to life in the very depths of its very own culture. What may be surprising is that the softest skill for leaders is also the hardest to hone. Say hello to leadership self-awareness.

Paybacks along this enlightened road are found to be substantial according to a study referred to in Forbes article on Return On Self-Awareness: Research Validates The Bottom Line Of Leadership Development.

Why does this powerful skill remain elusive to leaders in the quest for growth? Well for starters, it begins with a bit of vulnerability. Not the most comfortable place for the better-known tough exterior-ed fearless leaders to be. On the path to leadership self-awareness there are specific phases to master this area you must dedicate yourself to working through. And the fact is, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

To learn self-awareness you must first open your eyes and look deep into the mirror. Knowing your weaknesses and strengths is critical. Only from here can you uncover the most effective path to get you to your mission. Knowing the meaning behind your personal leadership style is a defining quality of great leaders.

Once you understand what motivates you to make the decisions you do, the landscape of your business and its ranks retain new contours. This becomes critical in today’s competitive environment to help you better navigate the company into a place of optimal performance.

Being aware is an active state not a moment in time. Exercises alone act as prominent signposts to get you on the right road, but these are events that are quickly left to collect dust in notebooks of leaders past. Self-awareness is a leadership characteristic that needs to be nourished with an open mind extending all the way out to inspire and engage your people and yourself to execute effectively.

None of this should be surprising, but we have all seen those around us that are out of touch with their own company… and why shouldn’t they be when they haven’t yet taken the time to know themselves. Being a leader with principles sounds right to all of us. However, it is much more than setting the intention. The real follow through comes from the continuous commitment into utilizing leadership self-awareness to drive the right actions.

Author: Richard Hassan