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Boost Leadership Skills Beyond the Rest

Leadership Challenge Program


Course Overview

LCP III is an opportunity for further sequential development of leadership skills in areas not included in LCP I or II. The goal is to provide a focus on mentoring, coaching and feedback skill development as well as to measure and assess decision style and work engagement profiles.

Much greater participant engagement is employed, including specific goal setting, an analysis of individual integrated self- assessment results and a comparison of improvements made in their leadership style and effectiveness through the Campbell Leadership Index (360°).

LCP III is targeted for those who must coach and/or mentor others in the organization and set a vision and strategies.


  • Reinvigorate past participants with integration, review and analysis of the
  • Interrelationships through instrumented feedback.
  • Explore and understand visible changes in leadership behaviors by analyzing new results generated through the Campbell Leadership Index (360°) survey.
  • Measure individual level of work engagement.
  • Discuss the attributes needed to successfully deliver and receive feedback.
  • Understand and further develop coaching and mentoring skills by a practical application of “how to” elements.
  • Understand and apply knowledge required for leaders to understand the complexity and opportunity to lead in organizational cultures that can include personnel from operational, civilian, inter-service, and inter-agency organizations.
  • Develop a senior work force that supports the role of the leader as a prudent risk taker, innovator, enabler and proactive advocate for others who is accountable for his actions.
  • Set specific and measurable leadership goals.

Modules of Instruction: