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Team Development 

Diverse Teams are Power-Packed

Confronted with a new job and new level of responsibility, a past customer approached us with a need to bring together a diverse team of individuals, with varying degrees of motivation, little engagement among the team or with their customers, and a sketchy performance record.

We put together a 1 day workshop focused on self-awareness and self-reflection, but designed to help them to look outwardly. The participants gained insight into factors that affect employee engagement, the correlation between interdependence and engagement, and ultimately the impact both have on team cohesion and effectiveness.

Since organizational climate is measured by the connectedness a workforce feels connected to not only their individual output but the relationships that drive those outputs as seen by superior, peer, and subordinate we measured their work engagement as well. By reflecting on their individual level of engagement, participants gain insight on how they are contributing or detracting from the organizational climate. Additionally, they were able to clarify the key mission for their department/division, identify how they contribute to this mission, and articulate individual behavioral changes will revitalize and deepen their level of workplace engagement.

After establishing increased self-awareness and how individuals both are perceived and influence, the participants were asked to shift their focus to specific challenges in the workplace and what they can generate as possible approaches to improve mission effectiveness and efficiency.

The customer was completely satisfied and noticed immediate changes in the motivation, energy, engagement and output of their team.